With many portfolios under its brand, Maxis is often required to constantly produce various types of creatives and campaigns. However, the telco faced some issues when it came to mass production of digital creatives.

To shorten the number of man hours required for such tasks, agency Kingdom Digital created a tool to help ease the process and boost efficiency. Here’s how it won gold for Best Use of Automation at MARKies Malaysia 2018.

This post was done in conjunction with Kingdom Digital.


Maxis was highly aware that digital advertising had changed the way consumers interact with brands. Therefore, it embraced the shift to digital and ran many innovative online display campaigns.

However, the telco faced some issues when it came to mass production of digital creatives, as existing resources could not sustain the following:

  • Volume: Each campaign requires banner ads in several sizes, languages and for different ad platforms.
  • Variety: Different versions of key messages and creatives are needed for A/B testing and to target different audience segments.
  • Velocity: Maxis has many portfolios under its brand such as its prepaid arm Hotlink, business solution Enterprise, as well as Ookyo, a new 100% digital telco brand. This means multiple digital campaigns running simultaneously, which require a large number of banners to be created and optimised on the fly based on real-time data and learnings.

Looking at how extensive Maxis’ digital display campaigns could be, Kingdom Digital realised it would be impossible to take on this task manually as it would mean spending an unthinkable amount of man hours doing nothing, but creating and swapping out elements on banners.

Maxis needed a tool that would redesign, streamline and automate the creative creation process. A quick check on the technologies available in the market revealed many dynamic creative solutions. However, due to proprietary issues these existing solutions have one common limitation – they cannot serve web banners to any and every ad platforms available.


Given the intense competition within the telco industry, Maxis recognised the importance of being relevant to cut through the clutter to reach the right target audience at the right time. It needed a solution that would allow it to produce a high volume of personalised digital banner ads on a daily basis, without compromising on campaign live dates and incurring additional costs or resources.


Kingdom Digital unveiled an automated banner system named MPS, which was developed in-house to enable digital creativity at scale. Also, as MPS is an independent platform, it is not restricted to any ad network or publisher.

MPS significantly shortens the banner creation process. Instead of the traditional one-by-one process, banner ads can be produced in bulk. This, in turn, allows Maxis to generate as many banners as necessary, but in less than a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Not only was the process precise and quick, MPS efficiently reduced the manual effort required and thus freed up the Maxis team. This allowed the company to focus on what worked and what didn’t, subsequently using these insights to improve campaign performance on a real-time basis.


Kingdom Digital’s custom proprietary system MPS has helped to simplify Maxis’ creative workflow process tremendously, and this was achieved without compromising on quality and quantity.

More than 5,000 banner ads were produced monthly for Maxis, which would normally require an average production time of three to four months without the system. As a result, Maxis was able to meet its deadlines and live its digital display campaigns accordingly.

Furthermore, MPS enabled personalisation to be executed at all levels with just a few simple clicks. Whether it’s the messaging, key visual, call-to-action copy or ad format, Maxis was able to apply real-time data to its ongoing campaigns and produce banners with elements that work best for the specific target audience. The new system has led to improved campaign performance over time.

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