Sep 12

Biscuit brand Gery MY gets cheeky about the new iPhone in FB post

Apple recently unveiled the new iPhone 11 range, featuring three cameras on the back of the Pro phones and two on the back of the iPhone 11. Gery Malaysia, a biscuit producer that also manufactures cheese crackers, decided to get in on the action by creating iGery featuring its cheese cracker.

In a lighthearted Facebook post, the brand said “Just the right amount of cheese”, featuring its cheese cracker the size of the square containing all the iPhone 11 cameras flashing a mega-watt smile. Done in collaboration with Kingdom Digital, the post was also captioned “And then there was iGery. Say cheese!”

In a statement to A+M, Andri Aditya, commercial manager at Garudafood International Division the move was inspired by Apple newest iPhone designs, which featured a triple-lens “slofi” that went viral online. Through the move, he hopes to build brand affinity and increase the perception of the brand as more relevant and engaging to its consumers, especially among the younger generation.

“While triggering trypophobia for some people, others joked about it looking like a fidget spinner or a razor and memes started going around. As a brand targeting the Millennials, we thought it was an apt opportunity to engage with our audience and showcase our brand personality,” explained Andri.

The suggestion to ride on the social trend and create a post came from its digital agency, Kingdom Digital. According to Aaron Lee, digital art director at Kingdom Digital, the creative was inspired by the shape of the iPhone’s square camera bump and yellow colourway, which resembles the cheesy crackers. Using that in cohesion with the two new camera modules, the agency matched it with the character that was created to personify the Gery Cheesy Crackers. The headline, meanwhile, puts a creative spin on Apple’s very own line for the iPhone 11 to “relate humorously” to the crackers.

“For us at Kingdom Digital, we see this as a right step in helping Gery strengthening their branding in the online community,” added Lee.

As someone with trypophobia, the cute cheese cracker certainly makes the new cameras more bearable to look at.

Aug 05

Marketing magazine’s most recommended digital agencies

Based on surveys with our esteemed database of CEO, CMOs and opinion leaders within the advertising marketplace, Marketing Magazine is proud to present our most recommended Digital Agencies.

Reprise Digital

At Reprise, the company is reinventing digital experiences everywhere, every day.

With end-to-end capabilities that include search, social media, content creation, product and web development, eRetail and strategy, they cut to the core of what truly drives customers by providing a holistic digital-first approach.

Armed with intelligent insights and an audience-first approach, their expert team of specialists deliver integrated initiatives that help the world’s biggest brands connect to the people who drive their business forward – efficiently and effectively.

Part of the Mediabrands division of the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG), Reprise is headquartered in New York with over 40 offices around the world.

Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital is an award-winning digital agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “We are not an agency that promises the world to you. We are the agency that delivers on our promise. The agency that goes beyond expectations. The agency that builds and values relationships.”

“We’re a curious and inquisitive bunch, armed with the passion for weaving magical wonders. Our team of 60-strong creative thinkers, dreamers, and doers relish the challenge of helping brands to be recognised and remembered through meaningful experiences and moments.”


The advent of deep data and technology has created massive chaos and complexity in the marketing ecosystem. Traditional models lie broken, and the new models remain either undefined or are in a state of perpetual flux.

In the age of pervasive intelligence, brands as networks, moment aware experiences, curative technology, adaptive design, and personalised commerce, there is a historic opportunity for a different marketing.

At Entropia, they hope to bring to the fore an agile, digital first and ecosystem approach to this, which is native to the digital age.

In the process, they hope to redefine marketing and customer experience from a white sheet, break more than a few norms, and call a spade a spade.

Welcome to Entropia. Made in future.

Media Prima Digital

The company spearheads innovation, digital marketing, and technology within the Media Prima Group via an integrated and agile approach.

With our digital know-how, they strive to offer a holistic and end-to-end digital solution encompassing performance marketing, mobile app development, data analytics, social media listening, and many more.

The group’s rich intellectual properties and diversified media platforms also allow brands access to mass audiences in a unique and comprehensive manner digitally.

Isobar Malaysia

Isobar is 6,500 people in 85 locations across 45 markets globally, united as one. Their mission is to transform businesses, brands and people’s lives with the creative use of digital.

They believe in Ideas Without Limits – pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. They are passionate about the power of digital, and their collaborative culture helps them deliver flawless execution and create transformative work.

Jul 04

Malaysian digital agency Kingdom Digital breaks into Singapore

Kingdom Digital, a Malaysia-based digital and social marketing agency, has expanded into Singapore, marking its first international office outside of Malaysia. Kingdom Digital Singapore will be led by business development director, TS Sanjay (pictured).

Sanjay was previously the group sales director at Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) before joining Kingdom Digital in May this year. He worked with SPH for over 12 years and brings with him extensive experience working in the media and advertising industry. Sanjay said he has been an admirer of Kingdom Digital’s digital work and looks to bring the work for brands and advertisers here. “I am very excited to help with Kingdom Digital’s expansion into Singapore,” he added.

The agency has already begun working with Singapore and regional brands including Mediacorp, Tohtonku, and supplement brand Sangobion under P&G.

According to Kingdom Digital’s CEO Ryan Ong, Singapore is a more “progressive and sophisticated” market compared to Malaysia and also the regional business hub for many brands.

“Thus, it requires a tailored and innovative approach when it comes to helping brands connect with their consumers locally and regionally,” he said, adding that the agency will be making senior hires over the next few months to deliver creative strategies, extending its knowledge, expertise, and creative solutions in the digital and social marketing space.

Currently in Malaysia, the 75-strong team work with prominent brands such as Maxis, Sime Darby Property, Nissan, LANEIGE, HEINEKEN Malaysia and many more. Marketing has reached out to Kingdom Digital for additional information on its launch.

Jul 03

Digital & social agency Kingdom Digital opens SG office

Kingdom Digital, an award-winning digital and social marketing agency in Malaysia, has expanded its operations to Singapore. This is the first international office for the independent agency with more regional offices planned.

Kingdom Digital Singapore will be led by TS Sanjay. Sanjay was previously the Group Sales Director at Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), and he is a skilled leader and negotiator with experience working in the media and advertising industry.

“I am very excited to help with Kingdom Digital’s expansion into Singapore. I have long been an admirer of their outstanding digital work and I am sure that this will translate to excellent work being done for brands and advertisers here,” said Sanjay.

Commenting on the launch of the new office, Kingdom Digital’s CEO Ryan Ong, says, “Singapore is a more progressive and sophisticated market compared to Malaysia and it’s also the regional business hub for many brands. Thus, it requires a tailored and innovative approach when it comes to helping brands connect with their consumers locally and regionally. We will be making senior hires over the next few months to help deliver creative strategies, extending our knowledge, expertise, and creative solutions in the digital and social marketing space.”

The agency has already begun working with Singapore and regional brands including Mediacorp, Tohtonku, and Sangobion (Procter and Gamble).

Jul 02

Kingdom Digital spreads its wings to Singapore

It seems that Kingdom Digital, a Malaysia-based digital and social marketing agency, has branched out to Singapore.

This is the company’s first foray into international waters and according to industry press, its business development director, TS Sanjay will be at the helm of its new venture.

Marketing Magazine sat down with Kingdom Digital’s CEO, Ryan Ong, to get his thoughts about this new development as the company ventures into a more contemporary yet sophisticated marketplace.

Ong believes that Singapore is as a major hub for South East Asian clients, and the company wants to tap into the market. But of course, the company has already been working with Singapore based clients for a while now, such as MediaCorp.

In terms of the marketplace, Ong feels that in Singapore, as in more mature markets, clients are more daring to explore new digital mediums.

He feels that when it comes to digital experiences, the branding campaigns will ultimately encompass a variety of mediums, events and social media driven initiatives too.

In terms of newfangled technologies like 5G, AR, VR and IoT, Ong feels that the company will continue to propose new approaches to maintain an edge in the industry.

Ong is excited about the venture in Singapore and he hopes that it can be a stepping stone to bigger things.

Kingdom Digital has grown from a 5 man agency to around 80 employees so far. This is a facet of the business that Ong believes has made his company resilient in the face of adversity.

“It’s very important to have good people, and our turnover rates are less than 10 percent, which is something to be proud of,” he said. A lot of it comes down to a company culture that maintains a certain sense of equality and treating everyone like a family.

Moving forward, he feels that Kingdom Digital will have to make sure their creative works keep up with the unrelenting pace of innovation in the marketplace.

“With 5G rolling out soon, marketers will be faced with integrating new media and old media,” he explained. Ong feels that clients, marketers and agencies will have to work together to ensure their creative solutions remain relevant to a more discerning marketplace as well.

According to industry press, the company now has clients such as Maxis, Sime Darby Property, Nissan, LANEIGE and HEINEKEN Malaysia among others.

May 30

Kingdom Digital wins 7 awards at the 2019 A+M Agency of the Year Awards

The 2019 A+M Agency of the Year Awards was our most successful AOTY Awards night to-date. It was even more meaningful for us this year as we won 7 awards in total, including two Gold awards for the first time!

We won Gold and Local Hero for Content Marketing AOTY and Direct Marketing AOTY as well as Bronze for Creative AOTY and Social Media Marketing AOTY. Additionally, we won a Bronze The MARKies Award under the category “Most Creative – Digital” for our partnership with ookyo on their “Anything You Want. Unlimited.” influencer engagement campaigns.

These awards serve as positive validation that our hard work over the past year has paid off and strengthens our presence as an award-winning homegrown independent digital agency.

“We’re very proud of our achievements, and we’re incredibly humbled and honoured to be recognised as one of the top agencies in the country,” said Ryan Ong, our Managing Partner. “We’ve gone from strength to strength since the very beginning, and this has not been possible without our talented team and supportive partners and clients.”

The annual A+M Agency of the Year Awards seeks to recognise the best agencies that produce outstanding work for their clients while pushing the marketing and advertising industry’s limits with innovation and creativity.

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