Consumers today are constantly bombarded with a variety of content which has lowered their attention span. One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is captivating audiences with the right content. The content posted by brands, especially on social media, has the power to transform them into a household name and turn followers into fans.

84% of marketers have even successfully used content marketing to generate stronger brand awareness.1

This is why having a content marketing strategy is essential. A well-executed strategy considers the target audiences’ behaviour and appeals to them at different stages of the buying process. But, creating a content strategy isn’t easy. It takes research, insights, and time to develop one that delivers results.

To better understand content marketing strategies, here are some best practices and insights from our content team.

Key considerations for building an effective strategy

Brands must remember that there isn’t one cookie-cutter content marketing strategy that will guarantee success – the strategy differs depending on the industry and audience.

When developing a content marketing strategy, our first step is to understand the brand’s story, objective, as well as its target audiences’ problem. With a comprehensive grasp on these, we can then conceptualise a solution and convey the message in the most creative way.

In short, these are the 5 questions to consider when building a strategy:

  1. What is your brand’s unique proposition?
  2. What are your campaign’s objectives?
  3. What do you know about your audience?
  4. How is your competitors’ performance?
  5. Which platforms/touchpoints do you intend to connect with your audience?

Maximising inspiration for compelling content

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the things we do or the things our friends/family say. Inspiration can also be derived from other brands, competitors, and even internet trends. With a strategic mindset, we will be able to convert these into compelling content.

Based on our experience, the biggest source of inspiration comes from the target audience. By putting ourselves in their shoes and looking from their perspective, we’ll be able to understand what appeals to them best.

A good tip is to always be on the lookout for great content ideas even when idly scrolling through social media. This helps us get a better understanding of what makes a thumb-stopping content.

Determining the ideal content format

For content to be effective, choosing the right topic is not the only vital element. We will also need to decide on the right format which gives the content the best chance of being consumed and shared.

Picking the ideal format is largely dependent on these 3 elements:

  • The goal of the content
  • The intended message
  • The best platform to reach the target audience

Here are some great content-led campaigns:

e.l.f.: #eyeslipsface TikTok Challenge

This is dubbed the most-viral campaign ever on TikTok with nearly 5 million user-generated videos. The challenge involved a custom music track and specially curated dance moves. It successfully captivated audiences and built awareness on a key brand pillar: e.l.f. is for every eye, lip, and face.

100% Pure New Zealand: Good Morning World

Tourism New Zealand’s campaign involved its natives taking advantage of being the first to see the sun each day by sending welcome messages to the world. These messages were shared via social channels for 365 days and were effective in showcasing New Zealanders’ warmth as well as the land’s picturesque view.

KFC Malaysia: KFC You Soon

As dine-in reopens following the lift of the Movement Control Order (MCO), KFC launched a campaign featuring a humorous video of a lonely KFC store, pining for the return of its customers. The campaign also included a dedicated love-sick music playlist to serenade customers back to its stores.

Content marketing is an effective tool to stimulate interest in your products and services. When done right, the results can be truly transformational for your brand.

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