Digital banner ads are everywhere – they’ve been around since people started using the internet as a marketing platform, helping brands and business to generate leads, sales, and increase awareness.

Over the years, as technology has evolved and become better at displaying different HTML codes and file types, the digital banner has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple static banner to its current form: the animated HTML5 banner ads that are responsive and designed with a mobile-first experience in mind.

At Kingdom Digital, we’re constantly testing the creative limits of the animated banner format to help brands engage with their audience and bring them a unique and impactful user experience.

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know digital banners could do!

1. Create a virtual showroom experience
Need to introduce your product to consumers and entice them to visit your brick-and-mortar shop? We created a virtual showroom within a banner for Sime Darby Property where we gave users a peek at one of their show units.

2. Create a Real-Time Calendar Banner
Through a Real-Time Calendar Banner, users can easily add an event schedule to their personal calendar with just one simple tap. The rest of the process is simple and automated; the users will then get a reminder pop-up on their devices about the event. This type of banner is perfect for time-based promotions and offers. We created this calendar banner for Maxis to remind users to stay up-to-date with the 2017 Sea Games Finals event.

3. Create an interactive experience
Create a memorable ad for users by giving them a fun experience that they can interact with! From never-ending banners that engage users to scroll continuously to ones that feature a mini game within them like these banner we created for Hotlink and Laneige, there’s so many possibilities to explore.

4. Create a 360° cinema experience
Yes, we designed and built Malaysia’s first 360° cinema banner ad to showcase the Maxis Rojak360° films on mobile screens. It enabled viewers to watch a film entirely on the banner by panning or moving their mobile devices.

5. Include a calculator within a banner
Give your audience an instant solution to their queries by adding a calculator right in the banner itself without having to change screens! For Sime Darby Property, we created a calculator banner for their Astelia Residences property that allowed users to calculate their monthly repayment amount based on the property’s price and loan period.

What these creative banner executions have in common is that they offer audiences a personalised user experience. However, it is impossible to effectively produce these banners at the volume, velocity, and variety that is required as it is costly and time-consuming. As a solution, we came up with a custom Digital Creative Automation system (DCA) that streamlines the creative creation process!
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