92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story when consumed.1

With the pandemic accelerating digitalisation, the competition between brands has become increasingly intense. To stand out, brands must connect with consumers at a much deeper level and encourage brand love.

One way to achieve this is through captivating brand storytelling. According to our Head of Strategy, Edmund Lou, connecting to consumers via quality storytelling is something all brands should aspire to achieve.

As the human brain is programmed to respond to good stories, this is the ideal way to capture consumers attention and help them retain the information long-term.

Why a good brand narrative matters?

A good brand narrative can contribute significantly to your brand positioning as it strengthens brand visibility and builds consumers’ trust. In the long run, a compelling narrative can help consumers understand the brand better leading to greater brand affinity.

Building authentic connections

Even through storytelling, brands shouldn’t try too hard to push their branding and values unto consumers. Edmund explains that “it’s a fine line between authenticity and superficiality. Finding the common ground is vital and this should be pursued authentically.”

When in doubt, Edmund advises that brands should tie their intention back to their brand values and what they stand for.

Beating the digital clutter

The key to standing out in the digital space is to simply understand the targeted consumers well. Brand storytelling can extend to far more than just engaging films – it could even be a social media challenge or an always-on display/social content.

The important thing here is to be consistent: stick by it, own it, and preach it,” explained Edmund.

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