Kingdom Digital’s Ip Man 4 inspired Chinese New Year video features an intern who is left behind in the office while everyone leaves for the Chinese New Year holidays. Thinking he was alone, the intern reached out to grab a mandarin orange only to find that a senior colleague, who also stayed back, reached for the orange too.

The intern refused to share the mandarin orange and did not play nice to the senior. As such, the senior took this opportunity to teach him a lesson that relationships matter and the importance of sharing. It took Kingdom Digital a day to shoot and produce the video in-house.

In a statement to A+M, digital video director Orson Lew said the team was set on producing a lighthearted video from the get-go as they knew that content is king. Lew added that video is also the most versatile format as consumers can watch it on any device anytime.

“Over the past year, we have been bolstering our in-house video team and we have been making great video content for our clients. We thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase our video shooting and production capabilities, hence we pitched to the management team and they were sold on the story idea,” he said.

Since the video was inspired by the latest Ip Man 4 movie, Lew added that the team jokingly named it Ip Man 5. He explained that the Ip Man films are synonymous with Chinese New Year, as the reruns are commonly seen on TV during the festive season. As such, the team decided to weave some of the iconic wing chun moves and scenes into the video.

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