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Spritzer Malaysia Bhd, producing Malaysia’s best selling natural mineral water, has appointed Kingdom Digital as its social media agency. The  appointment will be for a period of a year. Under this appointment, Kingdom Digital will be responsible for managing Spritzer’s Facebook  page, which includes developing content strategies and producing relevant creatives. The  agency will also be managing digital campaigns for the brand during this appointment period.

Through this partnership, Spritzer looks to strengthen its brand awareness as well as top-of mind recall among Malaysians, when it comes to deciding on natural mineral water.

Elaine Ho, Group Marketing Manager of Spritzer Malaysia said “We are excited to kick-start  our journey with Kingdom Digital to strengthen our social media presence. We hope to use  our renewed social presence to deepen our engagement with our target audience while  attracting new customers. We look forward to a strong partnership – carving out fresh ideas  to continue evolving the brand.”

Meanwhile, Kingdom Digital’s CEO, Ryan Ong expressed that they are set to take the mineral  water brand to the next level via innovative and engaging social ideas and solutions. “We are  honoured to have the opportunity to work with such a well-established brand. In terms of  strategy, we want to position Spritzer mineral water as an ideal partner to everyday moments.  Together, with Spritzer, we are confident that our extensive expertise in digital, content  creation, and strategy will drive greater engagement and resonance with their target audience  on social media.”

The agency’s work for Spritzer has commenced since January this year.

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