Strat Planner


You must be a curious one ey? That’s fantastic! Oh, you love telling stories? Awesome! Can’t get enough of tech and how it plays a key role in our lives? Fascinated with the human behaviour? Wish to disrupt the industry with brave and bold propositions? YAAAAS! Looking good! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of your role at Kingdom Digital.



It’s not a job. It’s simply being curious.

You will be tasked to craft a brand proposition for campaigns based on your in-depth understanding of the consumers, the brand and the competitors through thorough research on the Internet. Your ability to work independently will be a godsend. Your curiosity will be put to the test when delivering the brand truth, key consumer insight and also the competitor analysis.



  • Filled with confidence and have an insatiable curiosity (like cats)
  • Proactive in delivering beyond your role (extra brownie points if you love to share ideas)
  • Understand that teamwork makes the dream work (sorry, we had to)
  • Capable to speak out and not to hold it in (pandai pandai lah)
  • Ability to handle and prioritise multiple projects and pitches (yes, you’ll be handling MANY brands)
  • Understand that missing deadlines is a big no-no (unless your dog chewed your laptop)
  • You don’t write decks, you tell stories (because clients love it)
  • You adore and look up to certain campaigns, industry captains and more
  • You are a bathroom-Ed-Sheeran (kidding, but a million points if you are)
  • And:
    • You have a decent command of the English language
    • You possess at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
    • You have at least 2-3 years of working experience (more brownie points if you’re from the client-side or agency-side)