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AIA Inspires Youth To Take Charge of Their Future


AIA is the leading insurer in Malaysia, and they were looking to revamp the personality of their agents by re-labeling them as Life Planners rather than insurance agents. Trouble was, they were aiming to reach out to the Gen Y audience to fill in the roles of Life Planners, who are usually driven to achieve success but are impatient and yearn for respect. So our challenge was to portray AIA as the best platform to help youngsters achieve financial success by helping others out, while gaining recognition and respect in the fastest time possible.


We realized that AIA was lacking a suitable platform to sell out their all-new Life Planner role, especially to a tech-savvy Gen Y audience. We also discovered that the Gen Y market is often motivated to achieve success through inspirational stories. Therefore, we designed and developed the AIA Life Planner website. It served as an informational platform to provide useful advice and guidance for those who are interested in becoming a Life Planner. The layout was kept simple, with clear messaging and visually-oriented to reflect the freedom and success status enjoyed by Life Planners. We also dedicated an ‘Inspiration’ section on the website to showcase the journey and experiences shared by existing AIA Life Planners to further inspire the target market.


According to client’s testimonial, the responsive website helped them to achieve more than their expected KPI and they managed to recruit a good number of potential Life Planners.

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