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Video-Driven Social Campaign to Promote Flight Routes


EVA Airways wanted to create awareness about its increased flight routes from Malaysia to multiple destinations in North America via its Facebook page. As the airline industry is highly competitive, we knew a different social approach is needed to help EVA Airways cut through the noise and engage with its target audience.


To inspire and ignite the interest of Malaysians to visit North America, we conceptualised a social media campaign using video to convey the message of ‘connecting Malaysia to the USA’ by showcasing the combination of cultures.


We launched “Chapati in the USA” contest. A two-minute video was posted on EVA Airways’s Facebook page,which tells the story of a Malaysian man who loves everything American. So he decided to goes about hisdaily life but with an American twist. For example, he orders a chapati which he then turn it into a pizza. Ortaking a photo with the iconic KL Tower but pretending to be the Statue of Liberty. Participants were thenasked to submit their own creative photos in the comment section and include the hashtag#ChapatiintheUSA and #EVAAirMY.



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