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Holiday Tours and Travel is one of the largest travel management companies in Malaysia, and they have a range of travel products catered specifically to students via the ‘studenttravel’ website.

However, in 2015 Holiday Tours decided to expand their services to meet the needs of a wider group – the ‘Youth’ market segment in general. As a result, the student portal is no longer relevant and they needed a brand new domain and website to reflect the shift.


Our first task was to help the client create a domain name that is easy to remember. Looking at the services offered by Holiday Tours and also the fact that they are the travel specialist, we came up with the word ‘Travelution’, which is a combination of ‘Travel+Solution’. Based on this concept, we proceeded to build the one-stop ‘Travelution’ portal integrated with turnkey flight and accommodation booking system.

We implemented a robust but easy-to-use filtering system, which enabled the website to generate personalised trips for youth based on their travel criteria or holiday styles. This in turn makes it easier for them to search and view travel packages available.

Our sophisticated system also automatically pulls information from Holiday Tours’ business partners, thus helping the client to save time and efforts as they do not need to key in the travel packages manually.


From single digit to 1.7k/month of page view (no media push)

Increased enquiries on travel packages

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