UIP Jurassic World Contest

Digital Campaign

Immersive Cross-Platform DINO-VENTURE Game

With 8 rawr-ing chapters, audiences were tasked to cross borders between UIP website and Facebook to hunt for answers to unlock their escape routes on the Jurassic World “DINO-VENTURE” contest. This contest aimed to attract existing Jurassic Park fans as well as encourage new audiences to watch Jurassic World.

Stimulating Storylines

Separating into 8 chapters, storylines were crafted based on the original trailer with a simple concept whereby users were to unlock their escape route from the Indominus Rex. Enhancements were added with the original scenes from the trailer being displayed in the background.

Interactive Elements

The team embedded elements from the movie into the contest mechanics and created an interactive gameplay for the participants.

Engaging Gameplay

With a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics whereby participants were directed to cross borders from the contest site to UIP’s Facebook to search for clues to unlock their escape routes.

Dino-Riffic Results

4000 total gameplays.

25% increase in unique visitors to UIP official website.

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