UIP – Transformers 4

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Transformers – Age of Extinction being the 4th installation of the Transformer series, is an action-packed science fiction film and it has a huge following. United International Pictures Malaysia was looking for a different way to promote the film and to further entice moviegoers to purchase tickets. So the key question was: How do we make Transformers 4 stands out from the other movie releases; what would grab audiences’ attention and promote excitement for this film?


The key emphasis for Age of Extinction would be the legendary warriors – Dinobots. Through this observation, we came up with the idea to use these new characters in the movie – the first battle of the Dinobots – as the core creative concept for the series of digital ads we needed to execute. Visually, the first banner showed a Dinobot appearing with a loud roar and breaking the frame into pieces, hence revealing the 2nd half of the banner. When users clicked to watch the trailer, a full-page takeover filled the entire screen with an animated Dinobot spitting fire before giving way to the video.


Within 4 months:
Total number of impressions: 4,936,409
Highest Interaction with audience: 133.08%

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