In the creative industry, there are high highs and low lows. Then, add in the fascination of AI and the stigma of Malaysians working in said industry, that’s a lovely cocktail for assumptions and self-doubt. So, we are raising questions on what it means to be creative or creative enough.

Here’s the scoop, relying too much on AI tools might dim the sparkle of our authentic creative touch and intuition. Picture it like AI having a favourite pattern it keeps using, potentially turning our creative mixtape into a one-genre wonder, missing out on the diverse beats we love. Oh, and hands-on skills? Don’t let AI hog the spotlight; we need that tactile, hands-in-the-paint, and experiential groove for our artistic journey.

Plus, AI can be a bit emotionally challenged—genuine feelings and personal stories aren’t exactly its forte. And watch out for the predictive side of AI; it might nudge us to stay in our creative comfort zones, missing out on the wild and wonderful unknowns. AI’s efficiency dance might skip our creative process’s messy, trial-and-error steps.

“Personally, I believe there’s no “enough” in creativity—it’s about constant exploration and growth”. – Content’s Cult Leader

“I knew at the beginning that I was not a very creative person. I just wanted to create more beautiful things”.- Video Team’s Vixen

So, with or without AI tools, there is no set standard for creativity. Now, what do we do with information? How do we navigate through our journey of being a creative oh dear Obi-Wan?

Well, there are 2 options, either we shield our juniors by harnessing their skills and decide when they’re allowed to use these AI tools (because we don’t want them to become too reliant). Or maybe… just let them use it.

“… I would use AI when I first learned how to be creative because I believe AI tools can enhance efficiency, and I believe it will be a leading trend in the future AI world, it’s important that we learn and utilise AI tools to enhance on our creativity”. -Design Diva

“… explore AI applications in their work and encourage cross-functional projects to enhance creativity together with their thinking/research, not replace it. As a lead, always ensure that AI integration doesn’t disrupt established creative processes but rather enhances them, as we can use Chat GPT/Mid Journey to generate a lot of ideas/artwork for us, but it won’t be our final artwork”. -Creative Connoisseur

If we believe that AI is just a tool, we as creatives should embrace it and show that nothing can truly replace the human touch.

Here’s a TL: DR on how to enhance that creative growth:

  1. Embrace collaboration between you as an individual, AI and other people (even those “not necessarily creative”).
    Explore how AI can be a creative collaborator rather than a solo performer. Work hand-in-hand with AI tools to enhance your ideas, drawing inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and technological innovation.
  2. Experiment and iterate just because you enjoy it or it’s scary.
    Keep the spirit of experimentation alive. Use AI as a tool for trying out new ideas, but don’t shy away from the messy, iterative nature of the creative process. Embrace the learning that comes from trial and error, allowing for growth and discovery.
  3. Think of how you and your work can cultivate the human connection.
    Infuse your work with genuine emotions and personal experiences that AI lacks. Use storytelling and human connections to create depth and resonance in your creative endeavours, ensuring your unique perspective shines through.

A reminder that In the creative cosmos, there’s no “creative enough.” Embrace collaboration, experiment boldly, and infuse your work with genuine human connection. Whether shielding or letting juniors explore AI, remember, the canvas is yours to paint, and the journey, is an endless celebration of creativity.

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