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Digital advertising has been experiencing rapid growth over the years. Consumers are now constantly being bombarded by a variety of ads, particularly when scrolling through their social media newsfeeds. As the stay-home order was issued due to COVID-19, digital advertising exponentially spiked. This has led to more people naturally tuning out ads that aren’t personally relevant to them.

Consumers today are supporting brands that are listening to them and are attentive to their specific needs. This is why personalisation is important – especially as we embrace our new normal. In a time of uncertainty, consumers find comfort in personalised communication and value the convenience it brings.

For an edge over competitors, brands should invest in personalisation efforts to improve customer experiences and foster better relationships. If you’re still not convinced, here are top 3 reasons why you should incorporate personalisation into your digital marketing campaigns.

Consumers expect it

From Netflix to Spotify, consumers are frequently surrounded by extreme personalisation and are now expecting it as a vital part of their online experience. 72% of today’s consumers have even revealed that they only engage with marketing messages tailored to their interests.1

Brands must meet these expectations if they intent on keeping consumers engaged and returning for more. A good example are fashion and beauty brands who follow consumers’ consumption patterns and showcase relevant products throughout different stages of the conversion funnel.

Build brand loyalty & influence preference

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, delivering personalised messages or offers are viable steps towards fostering brand loyalty. Some retail brands are already leading the way by serving data-driven dynamic ads to resonate with different sets of audiences.

Personalisation also helps influence brand preference among consumers.

In fact, 99% of marketers say personalisation advances the consumer-brand relationship.2

This means perfecting your personalisation strategies may increase your market share, with more consumers preferring your brand over competitors.

Increase your conversion rates

Research shows that 70% of consumers feel that understanding how they use products/services is important to winning their business.3 By tailoring content and creatives to different target audiences according to their online behaviours, your message will be much more persuasive. This enables more meaningful interaction with consumers and leads them through the process of conversion.

Maximise performance with creative automation

However, personalisation takes time and dedicated resources for effective results. As this may not be feasible for most brands, creative automation is the way forward. Creative automation helps brands to simplify the creative process, making it easier and quicker to produce high volume of ad variations. This reduces human error and allows brands to conduct A/B testing to maximise campaign performance.

Ease your way into the automated world with our Digital Creative Automation (DCA) service. DCA allows brands to produce hundreds of digital ad variations within a short time period. This enables brands to run frequent, cost-efficient, and personalised digital ad campaigns for improved media performance.

With DCA, we have helped a top brand in Southeast Asia reduce 90% of their creative adaptation cost while saving 3 weeks of production time – allowing them to go to market earlier than expected.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your brand achieve personalisation at scale through creative automation.

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