Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – KSK Land, the lifestyle and design property company in Malaysia and the developer of branded residence 8 conlay, has partnered with digital and social marketing agency Kingdom Digital, to launch a digital experience teaser on how one can experience the ‘art of living’ with Kempinski – the world’s tallest twisted twin residential towers.

The teaser aims to showcase the exclusive, five-star services provided by Kempinski to residents of YOO8. It gives users the opportunity to directly experience the hallmarks of Kempinski’s hospitality services from a first-person perspective. In addition, users will also be provided with various scenarios that enable them to interact with these services.

The interactive video campaign features three different chapters focusing on different YOO8 ‘residents’ experiencing the luxury hospitality offered by Kempinski. The first YOO8 ‘resident’ is Mr. Leong, a loving husband who is planning a surprise anniversary celebration for his wife, and how the ‘Lady in Red’ steps in to help him perfectly plan the special occasion.

Another YOO8 ‘resident’ is Winston, a Malaysian businessman residing in Hong Kong who, through the aid of Kempinski’s services, assists his son Jacob to settle comfortably into his new home at YOO8.

And lastly, the third chapter is about Jillian, a YOO8 resident who was introduced at the end of the previous story. She utilizes Kempinski’s services to plan her trendy social lifestyle that involves deciding between hanging out with her friends after a long week or getting some coffee with her new neighbor.

Joanne Kua, the CEO of KSK Group and the managing director of KSK Land, shared that they have always looked at how they can uniquely provide an opportunity for people to experience what elevated living means by focusing on connecting emotionally with customers through crafted and meaningful experiences.

“This encompasses digital experiences as well which have become very much a part of modern-day life. The next step will be to translate these mini-movies into a physical experience that will take place at the YOO8 branded residences,” said Kua.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Digital’s CEO Ryan Ong commented that they are beyond excited to help KSK Land bring their vision to life through this interactive video campaign.

“We’ve been working closely with the client and our video production partner to complete the filming in March. Then, we developed a microsite to centralize the campaign and to ensure a seamless experience for viewers. It’s a wondrous feeling seeing the campaign coming to fruition,” said Ong.

KSK Land has also announced that the campaign is supported by monthly teasers for each chapter that will be posted on social media and on the new 8 Conlay mobile app.

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