We are thrilled to share our latest experience at the 2nd Hakuhodo Digital Network (HDN) Summit, held in the vibrant city of Tokyo, Japan. This gathering of minds was not just a meeting but a fusion of diverse talents and visions under the expansive umbrella of the H+ Network.

Representing Malaysia, our team, led by Steven Yap, Digital & Operations Director, and Lui Xiao Yee, Client Servicing Director, joined esteemed agencies from various countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, UAE, Singapore, Korea, and Japan. The summit’s theme, “Active Synergy,” perfectly encapsulated the spirit of collaboration and mutual growth that resonated throughout the event.

Steven and Xiao Yee (standing in between the crowd on the right side) alongside representatives from digital agencies under Hakuhodo global network

Key Insights from the Summit

  • To build a strong cross-border digital business network, united by talent and a common objective of growth.
  • Drive collaboration and mutual benefit from the best of HDY group, to form plans to attract more business opportunities to the network.
  • To develop “REAL” new business plans, especially for international clients.

The Experience and Beyond

We engaged in meaningful dialogues with fellow leaders from the H+ Network. The summit’s focus on industry trends, creativity inspiration, and cross-pollination workshops provided invaluable insights and action plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

Our participation in the HDN Summit is more than just an event attendance; it’s a commitment to our clients and a testament to the support we garner from our Southeast Asian agency partners. It symbolizes our readiness to take on new challenges and our dedication to delivering exceptional services on a global scale.

The 2nd HDN Summit has opened new doors and laid the groundwork for exciting collaborations, ensuring that Kingdom Digital remains at the forefront of digital innovation and international client service.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to build on the success of the Tokyo summit, Kingdom Digital is poised to leverage the powerful network of H+ agencies. Our journey is not just about our growth but about elevating our clients to new heights in the international arena.

If you’re a brand looking to expand into the dynamic markets of Southeast Asia, we invite you to connect with us. Our collaboration with the H+ network offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and success in the region.

Stay tuned for more updates as we turn these insights and collaborations into impactful actions and successes!

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