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Malaysia – The first month of the year is coming to an end, but it seems thank you messages have yet to reach their deadline – especially when it’s done creatively and sincerely.

One social and content agency based in Malaysia melted hearts when it surprised each of its partners on its Facebook page with a personalized thank you and appreciation card.

Kingdom Digital, whose main services are social media and content marketing, pulled its own expertise in whipping up its #KDWrapUp2020, creating a total of 340 messages for all of its partners – from clients and media partners down to its own employees – through brief clips. Receiving a year-ender regards from the people you’ve worked with is touching enough, but Kingdom Digital, on the other hand, takes it up a notch by curating each of the messages as sincerely as possible, truthful of the relationship it had with the partner.


One of its messages, for Malaysian leisure and entertainment resort, Resorts World Genting, whose account Kingdom Digital bagged for the year, read, “Thank you for choosing us this year! We managed to create something awesome despite the tough year. Hopefully, we can work on more amazing projects in years to come.”

Of course, long-time partners got the share of the love from Kingdom Digital, such as local wedding vendors platform, Weddings Malaysia.


In its message, the agency emphasizes its eight-year affiliation with the brand, saying, “Where do we begin. Still in love after 8 years. Yup, we’ve been counting. Together, we created a space where lovebirds flock to. And since then, it has been the go-to nest for these lovebirds.”

The same kind of touching messages was also given out to its media partners, while for employees, the message highlighted their most memorable achievement in 2020, along with their hopes for the new year.


For the agency’s message for yours truly, it highlighted the new relationship we have forged which started in the latter part of the year.

According to Kingdom Digital’s Head of Strategy Edmund Lou, the key message behind the initiative is ‘gratitude’.

“Despite the unpredictable times in 2020, we wanted to show that we’re grateful for the little things that kept us going and brought joy to an otherwise distressing year. Through this, we hope we can also encourage others to appreciate the present and look forward to future opportunities,” said Lou.

Lou added, “Being a creative agency, we are always finding new ways to tell stories. The idea spawned from our behavior of sending personalized festive greeting cards. So, we thought, why not? We love it when we receive something personal, don’t we?”

Aside from Facebook, clips were also uploaded on the agency’s Instagram stories. In creating the videos, which required 170 varied visuals and copy, Kingdom Digital shared it made use of its proprietary system, Digital Creative Automation (DCA), which deploys personalized banners.

The agency’s wrap-up initiative this year definitely ran the extra mile, where last year’s year-ender was a simpler single video format highlighting the agency’s 2019 achievements.

Kingdom Digital, which also has a growing presence in Singapore, recently bagged notable accounts as the year came to an end such as Scotch brands Johnnie Walker and Singleton, and South Korean skincare brand The History of Whoo.

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